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Selected Essays & Narrative Nonfiction

"Beautiful Flesh"
Georgia Review
Fall 2015
Republished in the 2017 anthology Beautiful Flesh: A Body of Essays and on LitHub in June 2017

"Endangered Language: A poet preserves indigenous language through performance"
November / December 2014

"On the Phone"
American Journal of Nursing
August 2014

Signs of Life 2013

October 2013

"Carrying Words Across Borders:
Zapotec Poetry in / on Migration"

"The Translation Issue: Within and Beyond the Metropole" ~ Michigan Quarterly Review
University of Michigan
Spring 2013

"Don't Step Here"
November 2012

"Life in 98118: Seattle’s Rainier Valley –
One of the Nation’s Most Diverse Zip Codes"

One Nation Indivisible
November 2012

"Looking South: The Mexican Isthmus Through Gringo Glasses"
A Common Place, An Uncommon Voice

July 2011

"The Child We Never Had"
Yes! Magazine
Fall 2010

“Intrepid Identity: To Be Young, Indigenous, and Gay
in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec”
Finalist, 2008 Nonfiction Award, Alligator Juniper and Hunger Mountain Review

"Grief's Hidden Gift: What I Learned About Happiness During My Mom's Last Days With Cancer"
Winner, 2009 Excellence in Journalism Award,
Society of Professional Journalists, Washington chapter
Yes! Magazine
Winter 2009

"See Something? Say Something!"
Experience: Centrum's Magazine for the Creative Life
Vol. 3, Summer 2008

“Facing Loss and the Page:
My First Year as Writer-in-Residence”

Re-write: A Quarterly Publication of Richard Hugo House
Vol 10, No 4, Winter 2008

“Seeing the Forest, Not Just the Trees: A Guatemalan Village and Conservation”
Terrain: A Journal of Built & Natural Environments
Issue No. 14, Winter/Spring 2004

“Learning to Distinguish Bicycles from Refrigerators: A Letter from Tehuantepec”
Blue Mesa Review
Issue 15, Spring 2003
Reprinted in Taller, January 2011

Living Elsewhere in 16 Steps”
co-authored with Sasha Welland
Chain, Issue 9: Dialogue (pages 59-69)
Summer 2002

“A Man, a Plan, Expansion: The Puebla Panama Plan”
ICWA Letters
June 2001

“Lines in the Sand”
ICWA Letters
March 2001
Winner, Best of the Web Award, 2001, mexicoconnect.com

zapotec writing


Photo above: This carved stela, at Monte Albán, Oaxaca, is a fine example of Zapotec writing, still only partly deciphered, 1995.
Photo to right: These spiny trees, common around the city of Juchitán, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, gave the city its name, 2000.
juchitan arbol